Buy domain from Godaddy using VCC

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To be able paying for domains in Godaddy I had to Update my Credit Card information in Godaddy‘s website.

Here is how I updated my Credit card details:

1. Login to Godaddy My Account -> Payments and Renewing Items

2. Click on Update Payment Options

Here is a screenshot with pointers of where one should go to change the payment method or update number and type of his Debit/Credit card:

Godaddy update credit card info payment and renewing items menu screenshot

After clicking on Update Payment Options, on the right side a window pane will appear titled Change Payment Type

For a newly issued bank card, to update the recent input bank card credentials, one should click on the:
Add New Payment Type:.
Change Payment Type Godaddy Menu
Change Payment Type Godaddy Menu

Further on in my case I had to select Credit Card , even though I’m using a VISA Debit card, as see in above’s screenshot, there is no option of Debit card visa :) .
Filling in the data and saving the changes with Save Changes completes the new bank card inclusion, I can now use my new valid card with Godaddy once again.

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