How to create FREE Apple ID in iTunes with out a credit or any payment cards

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How to create Apple ID from your computer with out a credit or any payment cards.
How to set up an apple ID without a credit card for the aquisition of free apps.

Now you wil be guided how to create Apple ID
From iTunes
First please access iTunes App Store
Then choose any FREE apps
This is importance that you choose smth FREE
Because it will give you the NONE option
so you do not have to provide payment methods
Now just click your FREE app to purchase
You will be asked to login
But in this case, just choose Create Apple ID
Then you will have to provide your email
Then you will have to provide your email
Just accept all terms and conditions
Then you will have to provide your email
Some security questions
And your date of birth
Now you can choose your payment methods
You can use Visa, MasterCard
And other type of payment
But I will choose NONE
And not providing any payment method
Please specify your title
Here, I provide an United Kingdom address
If you donot know the ZIP CODE
Just Google for one
And enter it in the field
Mobile phone is not verify so could put any #
My account is created now
But I need to verify my email
So now access the email address you provided
Then click the verify now link
Sign in to verify your email address
Here you go
Now back to iTunes and click OK
Your Apple ID is now ready to use with iTunes
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